Our Story

Scintilla Cricket Club is based in Barking & Dagenham but boasts its members from all over the great city of London. In 2003, a group of very close friends (five or six) from four corners of London used to regularly meet at Regents Park on a Sunday afternoon to play ‘taped-tennis cricket’ (a tennis ball is wrapped around by sellotape).

As the circle of friends gathering at Regents Park increased, so did the hunger to play their favorite sport at a friendly but in a competitive atmosphere. Very soon a name for the team emerged as CORONA Cricket Club. In 2005 CORONA entered and successfully clinched the ‘All London Cricket League’ title. The club’s founders were: Mr A Naser, Mr D Paul, Mr S Ezdi.

The high spirit of cricket re-emerged amongst some of the co-founders of CORONA and decided to make cricket a community sport rather than just fulfilling individual satisfaction. We decided to take cricket to our community because this is something that we can offer to our friends, families, neighbors, and visitors. Everyone will agree that sports is a strong medium of unity, harmony, cohesion and integration. And, we all have duties and responsibilities towards our society.

SCINTILLA CRICKET CLUB was formed in May, 2006. We identified ourselves as a Barking & Dagenham based club with the aim of making the club accessible to whole of East London. We want to contribute to building a:

  • Stronger and safer community;
  • Integrated and cohesive community;
  • Sustainable community; and
  • Sustainable environment.


Essex County Cricket Board, Mid Essex Cricket Board, Essex County Cricket League.


Winner – London Cricket League 2004
Winner – Elliot Davis London Cricket League Division 3 (2007)
Runner Up Elliot Davies Cricket League Division 2 (2008)
Winner – Essex County Cricket League Division III (2009)
Runner Up Essex County Cricket League T20 (2009)
Winner – Essex County Cricket League Division II (2010)
Winner – Essex County Cricket League Division I (2011)
Runner up Essex County Cricket League T20 (2011)
Runner up Essex County Cricket League Cup (2013)
Winner – Essex County Cricket League Premier Division (2014)


Chairman: Emdad Rahman MBE
Secretary: Ahmed Choudhury
Treasurer: Qazi Shafqat Ezdi
Player Manager: Bellal Hossain
Club Captain: Ahmed Choudhury
Headcoach: Ayaz Karim – ECB Level II Coach
Welfare officer: Ayaz Karim